Reporting From reSITE 2017, Monocle 24 Talks to Mayors, Chief Architects and City Planners

reSITE, an annual conference held inPrague, is among the world’s most important forums for discussing cities and urbanism. Pooling together experts, architects, mayors, planners, municipal leaders, real estate developers and city makers from twentycountries, the event brings almost1,000 participants together.

In these two episodes ofThe Urbanist,Monocle24’sweekly “guide to making better cities,” the teamreport from this year’s incarnation-entitled “In/visible City”-talking to the likes of Kathryn Gustafson, Jean-Louis Missika (Deputy Mayor of Paris), Adriana Krnov (Mayor of Prague), and Marlena Happach (the Chief Architect for Warsaw).



Host of Monocle 24’s “The Urbanist”, Andrew Tuck. Image PLANE-SITE

Learn more about the conference, here.


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